With the transition to online learning and most schools unable to return to 5 physical days in school per week, children need to be able to learn remotely. San Jose, a city in California in the US is making 11,000 WiFi hotspots available to ensure that students and families are connected when schools return.

These WiFi hotspots are necessary as many children without broadband would otherwise be unable to keep up with their peers.

The San Jose mayor announced the plans recently for the 4G WiFi hotspots to be made available to students as part of the COVID-19 Digital Inclusion Expenditure Plan.

Under the new plans, 8,000 WiFi hotspots will be allocated to public school students and 3,000 hotspots will be be made available to local libraries. Outdoor WiFi will also be made more widely available for parks and community centers etc.

No such plans have been announced as of yet in Ireland but there are ways that anyone can improve their broadband. Check out the following articles from Vodafone Ireland and the Irish Times.

Hopefully, Ireland will tackle the issues with remote learning soon. Well done to everyone in San Jose involved with these plans!