We could all do with a bit more positivity in our lives and Dr. Vidhya Kumaranayakam definitely looks on the bright side of life and is a leading High Performance Success Coach.

Dr. Vidhya was on holiday from the UK in Sri Lanka when the tsunami took place there in 2004 when she was a 21 year old medical student. Vidhya’s family deiced to stay to help the people there as her father and sister are doctors too.

Dr. Vidhya travelled around the island with her family in a makeshift ambulance and with as much medicine as they could get their hands on they treated the injured in mobile clinics. Vidhya’s experiences there influenced her coaching work today.

She now presents a podcast called The Life You Want which is all about promoting a positive mindset and lifestyle. Dr. Vidhya also has her own YouTube channel where she promotes confidence and healing especially for women.

The impressive doctor is also a published author, speaker and educator. Her incredible range of skills and knowledge help her to stand out as a coach. Dr. Vidhya has guided many individuals, groups and companies to reach their full potential and promotes positivity on a variety of platforms

Dr Vidhya combines her experience as a leader with her skills as a coach and her healing abilities as a doctor, and uses them to empower her clients. She also wrote a book called Habits: Your Life-changing Guide. The book contains a 21 day plan to help people positively effect change in their mind, body and life.

The free book Habits: Your Life-changing Guide focuses on 21 core habits. Dr. Vidhya helps her audience to build a strong foundation, which they can continue to build on their whole lives.  

Kudos to Dr. Vidhya for her amazing work and all of her successes to date. Check out her website here and her free mindfullness book!