Dealing with medical bills is always tough but it’s been even harder for patients to afford medical bills this year. A young patient named Jewell Jackson was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and had a tumor removed.

Jewell needed medical marijuana to ease the pain and began using the Go Galora Website to search for this. Founder of, Ryan Xavier says “people have brought her plants, homegrown vegetables, and super-foods that can help strengthen her immunity. Her medical bills are staggering, but Galora users have donated to her Go-Fund Me and are helping to lighten the burden a little.”

Jewell was surprised by the kindness and attention she has received from strangers on GoGalora. According to Jewell, she has been feeling the love from the local community in a way she never expected. She says “all of a sudden the people I’ve met are asking how to help me if I need anything and if they can bring me free backyard produce.”

“This has changed my life so much for the better, reminding me that the community is a real living breathing thing and that the people in it have the capacity to care for someone that they have never met.” Check out the tweet from Jewell below.

The GoGalora founder is delighted for Jewell and the amazing support and compassion she has been shown on the website. “Because it is not easy for her to jump through the hoops to get her medical marijuana, another Galora user brought her her own plants. Hearing from Jewell about what Galora has meant to her has made it all worthwhile for me.”

Well done to Jewell for her bravery in facing her cancer and seeking further supports to cope with her illness and kudos to the users for being such a great support to her during this time!