Some inspiring entrepreneurs have set up their own new and exciting businesses during lockdown and Liobhan Alanna is one such businesswoman. She has set up her own business making scarves during lockdown. Liobhan is based in London and creates luxurious printed silk scarves and digital prints for customers.

Liobhan says “I set up my own brand because I wanted to create products that are beautiful and that are also made ethically in the U.K. I believe that consumers are more and more interested in who made their product and where it came from.”

The young entrepreneur had been working on her business behind the scenes for a while whilst juggling freelance work and decided that it was a good idea to launch during lockdown when she had more time.

Liobhan says “I am very passionate in doing all that I can to protect the environment. The textile industry can be very wasteful so it was important for me to do my best to create products that would create as little waste as possible. This is something that I factor into my design process and also by only having small collections.

Liobhan has also decided to plant one tree for every product sold because her designs are very inspired by nature. “I was particularly drawing inspiration from The Amazon, and wanted to give something back. Over 10% of the worlds species live in The Amazon and it’s important to protect it.”

Well done Liobhan! Check out her scarves and prints here!