Kids Planet have launched a summer fundraising campaign for the UK’s number 1 family attraction, Chester Zoo.

The zoo was negatively impacted as a result of Covid-19 and strict visitor restrictions. The campaign is called Kids Planet Summer Stampede and provides financial support by adopting as many animals as possible. 7,000 children will collect sponsorship by walking 1700 miles.

Kids Planet CEO Clare Roberts has said “we currently have 52 nurseries based in UK, with many located within easy travelling distance of Chester Zoo. Its recent plight, due to lockdown and reduced numbers of visitors, struck a chord with our staff and parents. Since launching earlier this month, we reached our first target for £2000 in the first ten days, so we’ve set ourselves an ambitious target of £20,000 and extended our fundraising activities across July and August.”

Kids Planet have also conducted a survey for Chester Zoo which will include asking children what their favourite wild animal is and why. Each nursery will conduct its own poll and the results will be used during the adoption selection process at the end of the fundraising campaign in late August.

According to Ms. Roberts, the animal kingdom and their survival, or threatened extinction, can teach us all about sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

“We also believe children should learn the importance of giving and experience the wonderful feelings that it can instil to do something for the good of others.”

Chester Zoo has over 500 employees who provide quality care for its 35,000 animals. The conservation charity is 97% funded by its 2 million visitors a year and donations. Due to Covid-19, the 12-week lockdown and visitor restrictions there is a shortfall of £1.6 million a month. 

Head of Conservation and Engagement, Charlotte Smith has praised the efforts of Kids Planet. “We fully support Kids Planet’s aims to inspire children to care for others, including animals and plants that we share our world with and hope the children, staff and parents all enjoy their walks over the next few weeks and months.”

To support this campaign you can make a donation or get involved by visiting Kids Planet’s Summer Stampede crowdfunding page