A mask has become the new accessory this year as a result of the pandemic and UK company Mask Bros are making sure that the customer comes first by keeping costs down.

Marcus Worsley, Business Development Manager for Mask Bros says that they make sure to pick a reasonable margin for retail price. “At the beginning, there were a lot of companies that were charging unreasonable margins just because they could. Because there is so much price fluctuation with the masks they can just charge whatever and the public doesn’t really know what the price is supposed to be. “

The Mask Bros team are concerned with keeping their prices down for consumers and learning how they can provide the best possible option. They reached out to the manufacturer of Boots masks and figured out that their mark up was 5 times what they buy for which compares to an average retail margin in the UK of 2 times.

Marcus says “we buy in very small batches which allows us to stay much more in line with market pricing. Being such a low price shows people that we are honest and shows people we actually are charging a reasonable price.”

Mask Bros recently expanded to the US since the huge success of the company in the UK.

The Mask Bros team are grateful for the support of their customers and proud that they can provide such a good service. “We have so many customers that thank us after getting their order and are almost surprised that they’ve received it because from any other place they’ve ordered for from before, it either didn’t arrive or it arrived three weeks late or the product wasn’t correct.

Congratulations to the whole Mask Bros team on their excellent work in looking after consumers and providing these affordable, quality masks! Check out their website here!