It has been a tough year for charities and various programmes to stay afloat. The Easterseals’ programme in Illinois, US provide a variety of resources to help individuals of all abilities, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and they recently launched a Covid recovery programme.

The recovery programme encourages people to donate money to help children and adults with disabilities and developmental delays. Valerie Spitzer and her four year old daughter, Shay heard about the campaign and wanted to help.

They decided to sell bracelets to help raise money and managed to raise $1,605 in total. Valerie made a Facebook post detailing how Shay was selling bracelets for $15 to raise money for Easterseals’ due to the deficits they faced.

Valerie and Shay’s support of the programme is all the more heartwarming as Shay is a client of Easterseals’. Hundreds of other people have also responded with generous gifts and support which have lifted the programme during recent months.

Huge kudos to Shay and her mother Valerie for their great work creating the bracelets and raising money for a great cause! If you wish to donate to Easterseals’ you can here!