We always hear a lot about makeup and the latest product to be released but not for men until now. War Paint for men, a men’s makeup brand was recently launched in Ireland by Daniel Gray.

The new makeup brand may provide men with more options and has been created to help break the stigma that makeup is only for women.

Founder Daniel Gray says “I want to break down stereotypes in Ireland by creating a male specific brand that, in turn, makes the makeup industry gender neutral rather than a product.”

Irish drag queen, Ryan Hanton has welcomed the makeup options being offered to men. “Marketing makeup directly to men should really normalize men wearing makeup as a concept and in turn normalize men experimenting with their gender, sexuality and identity more.”

“The rise of mainstream men’s makeup companies to me represents the concept of masculinity and manhood changing, or at least broadening, for the average heterosexual everyman.”

Ryan feels strongly about how men’s makeup could open opportunities for the makeup industry and help men to be comfortable in their appearance. He says “because heterosexual, masculine men wearing makeup is largely a new concept, at least in the mainstream, men’s makeup brands do really have a chance to define that. I think if men really let themselves loose we could be seeing a whole new world of makeup looks, concepts and ideas.”

“When I started makeup everyone was telling me how to cover my dark circles but after spending so much time with them I kinda realised I enjoy the natural intensity they give my eyes. To learn makeup really is to learn about your appearance and the more you know the more you’ll learn to love or at least understand.”

Well done to Daniel on the launch of his new business and for attempting to break the stigma around men wearing makeup! Check out War Paint for Men here!