Socially distancing has quickly become the new normal for us but this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the same hobbies as before lockdown.

A primary school teacher and private music tutor in the UK has transitioned to online music tutoring since lockdown began.

As an asthmatic, Emma Nottage is unable to teach in schools or give face-to-face music lessons so she has decided to give online music lessons through her website.

Emma teaches a range of instruments and voice to adults and children has students throughout England and two international students in the US and Tanzania. She aims to develop students’ musical skill and self-confidence with students working towards taking examinations, performing on stage or producing a recording etc.

Emma said “my eyes have been opened up to new online possibilities and I am creating video lessons for beginners in all the instruments I teach.”

The primary school teacher will soon launch her first online course, podcast and book all about music and how it relates to and enhances other aspects of life and learning. They will all share the same name as Emma’s website, ‘The Musical Diamond’ reflecting her belief that music is multi-faceted.

Emma’s book will examine how music relates to other academic subjects, the Arts, cultural topics and how it affects our physical, mental and emotional health. The online course will be a starter course to give people a better understanding and overview of what is involved in music and its place in our lives. Emma also creates video courses for beginners in all the instruments that she teaches.

Well done Emma for your innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit! Check out her website to learn more here!