As we are all missing concerts and festival season this year a lot of artists and musicians have been at a loss. But this isn’t the case for 23 year old Katie London, a singer-songwriter and now businesswoman from Birmingham.

As a result of being unable to tour and work on her music Katie recently created her own hand sanitiser, Dreamhouse Sanitiser with a business partner who approached her with the idea.

Dreamhouse Sanitiser is a cosmetic regulated completely organic advanced moisturising hand sanitizer which kills 99.99% of bacteria.

According to Katie, “Dreamhouse replicates the white blood cells in the human body and when your body is under attack from invading organisms its first line of defence is the HOCL white blood cells produce to fight infection. By using our patented process we can generate and mimic the HOCL from the white blood cells to help eradicate germs on skin and surfaces.” It’s a natural antiseptic and antibacterial liquid solution.

Unlike other hand sanitiser’s on the market it doesn’t contain any alcohol which makes it safer to use and it is still effective at killing bacteria. This is something which founder Katie is very proud of and she says “not only is it safe but the fact it contains no alcohol means your hands are soft, smooth and free of any sores and dryness. “

“I truly believe in DreamHouse and the fact that it’s safe, halal and vegan accredited and can be used by anyone of any age, means I’m part of an incredibly inclusive brand that is so helpful during this uncertain time. “

Katie is excited for the future of the business and will be launching more products soon. “Dreamhouse sanitiser is one product within the Dreamhouse cosmetics line which is home to not only hand sanitiser but lashes and a soon to be created health drink. I’m always looking to do new and exciting things, being a creative person means my mind never stops.” The lifestyle brand manufactures everything in the UK and employs local people at the production facility.

Congrats Katie on your latest venture and for your innovation at this difficult time! Check out the Dreamhouse Sanitiser Instagram page below and the website here

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