As we hurtle towards September, schools are preparing to reopen despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Some inspiring and creative teachers around the world have been getting ready for the new school year by taking hygiene and safety precautions into their own hands. One school in Florida, US is leading the way in creating a great example for other schools.

Teachers at the St. Barnabas Episcopal School in Deland, Florida have put up clear dividers on the children’s desks instead of the much larger and more commonly used dividers. The front of the desks have also been redesigned to make them look like mini trucks.

Math and Science teacher, Nan Lafferty says they have “installed ionization units on the air conditioning system and have fancy HEPA filter air purifiers. Some parents need to work. Teachers are trying to take care of kids.”

The video below was taken by Principal, Kim Martin at the school recently.

Other schools are also starting to follow suit with former students of a school in France providing essential hygiene supplies until the school receives them.

Well done to all these teachers for their amazing work! Hopefully this kind of innovation can be adopted in more schools.