Hard to believe the interactions that have taken place since, and all that has gone on on the world since this tweet was published.

Even before the outbreak of the global pandemic, so many people interacted on social media and emailed nominations@theheartawards.com with positivity about the notion of celebrating good deeds in the world of today with talk of economic downturns, coronavirus and online trolling just some of the issues we all have to contend with.

Right now we are preparing for the announcement of our first Heart Awards winner and looking at ways that everyday niceness can be celebrated. We’ll keep you posted here on that.

Nominations have come from colleagues, patients of medical professionals and relatives.

Here is a sample of the type of email we have received. Names have been changed as we want to celebrate the person with a gift once we have our ducks in a row.

‘Mary(Not her real name) is a public health nurse and is the most generous and selfless person that I know. She lives her life looking after other people and never seeks credit for it. She is currently working full time while also doing a full time college course in child welfare and protection but I have yet to hear her moan about the workload. She is incredible and deserves to be recognised for all that she does for both the community and everyone that knows her.’

We all know Mammies have a special place in Irish hearts but are they really celebrated enough?

One correspondent feels that our Mums deserve credit when she contacted us with her nominee.

‘My Mother. I know everyone probably says the same about their mother but she is the most supportive person you could meet. She is compassionate to everyone and she raised 6 of us when times were really tough. We had a great childhood thanks to her. Dad was the serious one ~ still is!’

Once we have our partner scheme in place with appropriate gifts to celebrate your nearest and dearest or just someone who you want to acknowledge we will launch our scheme to both celebrate and embarrass the life our of our nominees. Watch this space! 

In the meantime….High five. Will be in touch!

Written by Paul Collins.